Карту kf zm arcade gas station, клип король и шут онлайн

Jun 25, 2014 An awesome city block containing a gas station, car wash, and basketball court. Dec 8, 2012 Steam Workshop: Killing Floor. This is a Gasstation theme map with a basketball cord and mad driving cars around. Are you going to make a FIN version of the Shell Gas Station? im not a fan of arcade action, but i must say, thank you for bringing back.

Aug 2, 2009 Note: V1 is the latest version, whitelisted. This is the final and last verion of this maps. The map is a gas station with a basketballcord,a carwash. Increase the number of cars at the biginning to avoid a meeting of zm in the Modify on the gas station: explosion of gas pumps happens before the tank.

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