Текст песни sicktanick god people: клип это новый год нюша

Jan 1, 2014 SickTanicK God Is Dead (Suicide) lyrics: Loop: / God is dead / You find me, with a 12 gauge pump No doubt people gonna take it wrong. God Hates Me (I Hate Him Too) This song is by SickTanicK. . there is no battle just a balance and im tryin to give people but at the same time i could really Dec 29, 2013 SickTanicK Against All Gods lyrics: Chorus: / We are the youth we're against all gods / We are People are hollow and they're quick to follow.

Feb 19, 2013 Meet SickTanick, a self-described “Occult Rap” artist rapper who has the occult, being turned away from church and “god” he found a path to a more dark way of life, Satanism. Check out some of the lyrics from his track “Exorkismos:” one time because there were too many black people at the venue. Jan 19, 2014 SickTanicK Welcome to Reality lyrics: Welcome to reality, / another tragedy / It's the religion of the and yet we burn forever 'cause your god's creation's critical Or is it the people who forgot crashed planes in your buildings. About this. SickTanicK - Artist / Producer / Executive Producer of Serial Killin Records. Image may contain: one or more people and closeup. No automatic alt. Apr 21, 2013 . "Kill God's People" Lyrics by KGP: (Hook) I am sick, I am wicked, I will make you all my victims! I am hate, I am vicious Dec 28, 2013 SickTanicK Portrait of the Devil lyrics: My body is the canvas, your brush, it is the weapon But fact is that my lyrics are reflections of people.

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